Taliban-fighters20 civilians have been kidnapped in central Daikundi province.

Zamin Poya, district governor of Kajran district says that the gunmen behind the abduction are Taliban but until the filing of this report, Taliban had not talked to media regarding the abduction.

Poya says that Taliban kidnapped these people on Sunday and took them to Charchino district in neighboring Oruzgan province.

All of the people kidnapped are reported to be Shia Muslims from Baloch minority of Afghanistan.

Poya also said that around 500 Taliban fighters who are equipped with light and heavy weapons have been fighting with security forces from the past ten days in Kajran district.

He feared the district could fall to hand of Taliban if additional forces do not arrive for support.

This is at least fourth incident of abduction in less than two months in Afghanistan.

About five weeks before a group of masked gunmen abducted 31 civilians in southern Zabul province whose fate is still unknown.

Another abduction took place on Farah-Herat highway on March 17 where gunmen kidnapped six persons out of whom four are Afghan National Army soldiers.

Also, on March 15 unidentified gunmen abducted nine people in Ghazni province but later released eight of them.

The responsibility of the abduction is no claimed by any group including Taliban.