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17 Senior Pakistani and Afghan Taliban leaders killed in Kunar airstrike

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

predator-drone1At least 17 prominent Taliban leaders including the Taliban shadow governor were killed following an airstrike in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan on Monday.

The Afghan intelligence – national directorate of security (NDS) following a statement said Tuesday that the latest intelligence report indicates that a gathering of the senior Pakistani and Afghan Taliban leaders was targeted in an airstrike on Monday evening.

The statement further added that the meeting was organized by the Taliban shadow governor for Kunar in Shegal district, which was attended by senior Pakistani and Afghan Taliban leaders.

NDS released the following information regarding Taliban’s casualties in Kunar airstrike:

1. Noor Qasim Sabari, shadow governor of Taliban in Kunar.

2. Qari Osman, Taliban’s shadow district chief for Shegal.

3. Qari Zubair, senior Talban leader.

4. Qari Latif, senior Taliban leader.

5. Qari Tari, senior Taliban leader.

6. Mullah Bashir Gajar, Taliban leader responsible for major roadside bombings.

7. Qari Nasir Gajar, Taliban’s suicide attack coordinator.

8. Qari Sherin, Taliban leader responsible for assassinating tribal elders and Mullah Imams.

According to NDS, several Pakistani Taliban militants were killed during the airstrike and their dead bodies can be seen among those killed, however the exact number is not clear so far.

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