15th July marks the fifth year of a coup defeated by Turkey aiming at toppling the Turkish government by some rogue military officers.

The coup which was staged by the Gülenist Terrorist Organization/Parallel State Structure (FETO/PSS) killed 250 and injured over 2,700 more.

The Government, opposition parties, civil society organizations, and ordinary citizens joined together and defended the democratic order. The most unprecedented move for preventing the political system to topple was showcased by ordinary Turkish citizens who slept under military tanks to stop them from going forward.

The founder of Parallel State Structure Fethullah Gulen who is in exile in the United States denies the allegation of staging coup against the government of Turkey. Though denied by Fethullah Gulen, testimonies and evidence by arrested officers show that Gullen was indirectly involved in the coup.

Establishing public safety, subduing the culprits of the coup, and commencing the removal of FETO/PSS members from the state and institutions were the measures taken by the Turkish government soon after the plot.

Since then, the Turkish government has been arresting military officers, navy officers, and civil services employees accused of taking part in the coup against the Turkish government.

In conclusion, the Turkish government deems the coup as a terrorist attempt and can be cleared for all that the members of FETO should be suppressed to ensure the security and unity of the Turkish people.

Turkey also warns its friends abroad and other countries of the dangers posed by FETO. In order to defeat this new type of terrorism, international solidarity is highly crucial.