The police forces in Kabul have arrested at least 148 people over a period of less than two weeks as efforts are underway to eradicate the criminal gangs from the capital.

Officials in the Criminal Investigation Department said the suspects were arrested during various operations from different parts of the city.

The officials are saying that the majority of the suspects have been arrested on charges of armed robberies involving armed attacks on houses and snatching of vehicles as well as other valuable items from the city residents.

However, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials are saying that certain individuals have also been arrested on charges of murder, smuggle of arms and ammunition, and other criminal related incidents.

The officials specifically pointed towards the murder of a woman in the vicinity of the 5th police district of the city and said a suspect was arrested in connection to the incident due to the efforts of the police forces.

The Afghan police force also confiscated various type of weapons, ammunition, explosives, and hand grenades during the operations, the officials added.

This comes as criminal related incidents are on the rise parallel to the growing instability linked to terrorist attacks in Kabul city and other key provinces and cities of the country.