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1400 Afghan Returnees Test Positive for Covid-19

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Arif Ahmadi
Arif Ahmadi
Arif Ahmadi holds a B.A. degree in Journalism. He works as an Editor & Content Writer for Khaama Press.
Afghan refugees returning home from Iran. [Photo: Social Media]

KABUL, Afghanistan – At least 1400 Afghan refugees, who returned home within the past few months, have tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus 2019, according to Herat Public Health officials.

Women and Children are among those tested positive for the Virus.

According to the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, more than 3000 Afghan refugees have returned back to home in the past few months, as the Covid-19 first wave hit Islamic Republic of Iran earlier this year.

Mohammad Rafiq Sharzai, provincial speaker to the Public Health, said at least 1411 people are tested positive, who returned home from Iran in the past couple of months.

In every 24 hours, more than 1000 Afghan refugees are entering the country via Islam Qala Border, connecting Afghanistan with Iran – of which 10 to 15 test positive Covid-19.

It came at a time, when some 3000 Afghan refugees flooded back to home country within the past six months, either deported by Iranian officials or volunteered.

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