12 people have been killed and 12 others are reported injured in a stampede in eastern Nangarhar province.

According to reports, the unbridled rush happened Wednesday morning and most of the dead in the incident are women, who were to get their entry visas to Pakistan.

Officials at Nangarhar’s regional hospital confirmed that they admitted the bodies of 11 dead women, and 12 individuals are injured including 9 women.

But some reports indicate, that near the Pakistan consulate where over 3,000 Afghans had gathered to collect tokens needed to apply for a visa to travel to Pakistan, at least 15 people died during the stampede.

The incident came after the Pakistani embassy said it had facilitated the issuance of visas.

Earlier, the Nangarhar governor’s office had reportedly said that the process was going on smoothly.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.