According to local authorities in southern Uruzgan province, at least 11 Afghan local police forces have joined with the anti-government militant groups in this province.

Provincial counter-criminal department chief for southern Uruzgan province Gulab Khan said, at least 11 Afghan local police forces were lost and missing in Khas district of southern Uruzgan province and the Afghan security officials later found that the local police forces had joined the Taliban group.

In the meantime a spokesman for the Taliban group Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said, around 11 Afghan local police forces joined the Taliban fighters along with the weapons on Sunday.

This comes as an Afghan local police officer shot dead at least 9 of his colleagues on Friday in easter Paktika province.

The Afghan local police program has been assailed by rights advocates and many Afghans as bringing former Taliban and criminal elements into positions of armed authority.

In September 2011, Human Rights Watch (HRW) released an investigation report claiming that some members of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) were getting away with serious abuses including rape and murder.

In a similar incident an Afghan local policeman allowed Taliban to enter his guard post March 7 and kill nine of his fellow Afghan local police in the southern province of Oruzgan while an Afghan local policeman shot and killed a coalition soldier in Paktika province on Monday, the same province where Friday’s killings took place.


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