Afghanistan road accidentAt least 11 people were killed and 6 others were wounded in a deadly traffic incident in west of Afghanistan, local officials said.

The incident took place in the outskirts of Herat city after at least three vehicles collided head on as they were travelling towards a recreational area.

The officials said the victims were residents of Badghis province who were on their way Robat Sangi district from Kamar Kalagh area.

However, the local residents and eyewitnesses in the area said at least 27 people were killed or wounded in the incident.

Hundreds of the residents of Herat and other nearby provinces travel to the area to celebrate the start of the new solar year which is marked as Nowruz in the region.

Earlier, two kids lost their lives and ten others were wounded as a result of a stampede in the same area as hundreds gathered to celebrate the new year.

Meanwhile, the majority of the road accidents are taking place due to bad conditions of the roads, lack of traffic signs as well as reckless driving which largely contributes to deadly incidents in the country.