US forces AfghanistanAt least 100 US troops have been deployed in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan in a bid to help suppress the growing insurgency led by the Taliban militants.

A US military official in Afghanistan has said the decision for the deployment of around 100 troops to Helmand was taken following tactical victories by the Taliban group.

US forces spokesman in Afghanistan Gen. Charles Cleveland told reporters in Kabul that the attempts by the Taliban will likely continue although they have not been able to achieve their strategic desire and goal to seize a major population center.

The Taliban insurgents have intensified attacks in Helmand during the recent weeks and briefly captured some parts of the province including Nawa district last week.

Several commandos of the Afghan National Army were also deployed to Helmand late in July amid surging violence and as the Taliban militants managed to get closer to Lashkargah city, the provincial capital of Helmand province.

An Afghan army official earlier said the Taliban militants have deployed the group’s special forces who are equipped with modern weapons to fight in Helmand province.

According to the Afghan officials the group has eyed to shift part of their leadership council, Quetta council, to Helmand province once they gain a foothold in this province.