October 22, 2018

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By Khaama Press - Thu Apr 21 2016, 11:35 am

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  1. This is Allah punishment for the Pakistani financed terrorist who are not fighting face to face, but cowardly using IED’s for remote controlled bombs to kill Afghan people.

    1. You speak the truth, my friend.

  2. This is what I call truly good news. I hope it becomes an everyday occurrence.

  3. “At least 10 militants were blown up by their own explosives”

    It’s hard to tell how many there were when you have to clean them off the floor with a mop.

  4. Religion of Peace: “Business as usual!

    1. I agree that religion should be something spiritual and peaceful, however the history showed that religion has been abused again and again to cause suffering and grief. 
      In 1095 the peaceful Christian crusaders started  killing Muslims for almost 200 years and went a the way to Holy Land to kill Muslims.  Not much later  in 1492 when the Christian removed the Moors from Spain they forced the Jews to convert to Christianity otherwise the Jews were killed or were forced to exile.
      The contemporary of Christian are also not very peaceful killing over 10 million people in WW I and over 24 million in WW II and killing also about 4 Million Jews.
      I am not claiming that Islam is a peaceful religion, but the peaceful Christian are responsible maybe for 1000 fold and more for killing and causing suffering for fellow Christians and people from other congregations.

  5. Hey Abdul, what is this contact. DON’T touc ………

  6. I just love it when a plan comes together! Hee-Haw, Dumb-Phucks!

  7. now only if this would happen in ALL mosques… 😉

    Where do jihadis go when they blow up?


  8. Q. Why did the jihadi cross the road?

    A. To get to the other KABOOM !!!!

  9. Karma, bitch.

  10. These animals choose the IED as their weapon of choice because they’re coward and don’t have to stick around to see the death of innocents. Death at their own hands is fitting, too bad it couldn’t have been more painful…

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