The names of at least ten candidates have been removed from the upcoming parliamentary elections in the absence of complaints as the recent decision by the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission to drop 35 candidates has sparked uproar among certain candidates and their supporters.

The candidates have apparently been dropped from the upcoming elections as per the article 44 of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan.

However, an informed source in the election commission said no complaints have been filed against ten candidates who have been dropped the elections.

The source further added that no complaints or document exist to prove the involvement of the dropped candidates in illegal activities, including membership in irresponsible armed groups, drugs smuggling, human rights violation, and other stances.

According to the officials, some of the key candidates who have been removed in the absence of complaints, include Syed Daud Naderi and Zia Ul Haq Amar Khel from Kabul, Masooma Khawari and Raees Khairullah from Samangan, Akbar Stanikzai from Logar, Liaqat Babar Khel from Khost, and Maryam Koofi from Badakhshan.

In the meantime, another candidate who has been dropped from the list, Fawzia Koofi, called the recent decision a conspiracy against the well known political figures.