January 30, 2015
  1. Thanks a lot dr Sb Ahmad Jan
  2. hey Tom
  3. And it is because of 200 years of British slavery...!!! Fareed
  4. It was indeed, these coward porkies cannot confront Americans and have no balls to do so therefore they come to Afghanistan and carry out such attacks. Fareed
  5. The contractors killed maybe Blackwater company mercenaries from US....the Pakistanis blame them for attacks inside their country...it was a retaliatory attack  Bajoy Kamshi
  6. Hell hath NO fury like a Mother robbed of her child!!! I believe it,, and I believe she doesn't give a rats tail that she meets with retaliation from the Taliban! Remember, a lot of these Taliban fighters are goof balls with a gun...doesn't matter, she's lost what was most precious to her, right in front of her eyes and she will die going down in revenge. Ava Stevens

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