May 23, 2015
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  1. Ger Nadani Ghiruti Afghaniyo Ger Bamidan Aumadi Midanio If you do no know the Afghan power, if you come to fight with them, then you know Dr. Hazrat M. Noorzad
  2. ډیره ښه پریکړه ده. ستانکزی صاحب د دفاع وزارت لپاره ښه وړ کس دی. منیرالله
  3. Indian coward plans solely prepared to harm Pak and its recent trade agreement with China-India wants to disrupt Pak’s socio-economic development with its terrorist activities. Kamal
  4. Ghani is pakistani sag-dick sucker. He should do resign. Akbar Khan Mohamadzai
  5. who the hill is Noor shows angry reaction on Stanikzai’s nomination as defense minister? as he is acting governor of Bulkh province? Bull sheet Guhar

Science & Tech

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