March 27, 2015
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  1. Well-Done Roshan freshta
  2. Congrats Roshan! Thank you Team Roshan for bringing good name to our nation. This indeed is a great honor for the people of Afghanistan. Best of luck for future! Roshan Nazdik Shudan!  zmmarwat
  3. I am an American who has visited Afghanistan four times as a civilian. I am not a soldier and I do not work for the US government. I love Afghanistan and her people. I have read the stories about Farkhunda, and they break my heart.I ask blessings upon her and those who love her, as well as upon those who killed her and watched her die so horribly.  I am truly saddened by Farkhunda's death. Ken Hannaford-Ricardi
  4. they should be hang up in Mahmud Khan Square to be a good advise for other young boys to not attack on any young/old girls. Haron
  5. سفیه اله، از حماقت و سفاهت امثال تو حال و روز افغانستان بدین وضع شده. همفکران تو بدون دانستن جزییات ماجرا و خدعه و دغل آن ملای ملعون یک بیگناه را به فجیعترین وضع به شهادت رساندند و تو ابله به حمایت از آنان میپردای ؟ امیدوارم که با پیگیری نهادهای عدلی و قضائی عاملان و آن ملای دغلباز به اشد مجازات برسند. Mohammad
  6. i dont know how to say about that feeling very bad Ramin

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