July 28, 2014
  1. O мире в мире остается только мечтать... Mariya
  2. Well done NDS, you guys are doing such a brilliant work - thank you. We are proud of yous! Fareed
  3. What can we do to help?? Natalya
  4. FOR A FACT THIS IS FAKE. ..From http://www.thomaswictor.com/fake-atrocity-video-from-gaza/ Here's some of it I have copied and pasted for you, as I know the majority of the people on this page will not put the effort in to clicking a link which disproves this propaganda - so maybe you can just manage to read the following from it: At :59 there’s a crack. This is a squib, an electrically detonated firecracker. I’ll explain more about that later. They set it off to make you think they’re being shot at. Then at 1:30 the subtitles say, “I don’t know. The tanks are surrounding us.” Do you hear any tanks? An MBT is unbelievably LOUD. The engine, the turret, the treads, the drive sprockets, the wheels, and the suspension make it sound like a house being demolished. The actor pretending to be talking on the phone in the fake atrocity video says they’re surrounded by Israeli tanks. How come we don’t hear them? Why is there nothing but DEAD SILENCE? At 2:01 in the International Solidarity Movement’s video is another screwup. Green Shirt admits, “There are no injuries here.” That’s because the Israeli Defense Forces warn civilians to leave the area before they attack. Yet the same people also shoot civilians with sniper rifles? At 2:23 the first “sniper shot” hits Green Shirt. Suddenly he goes from being beside the cameraman to lying in the only cleared-out space in the rubble. At 2:28 the imbeciles ACTUALLY FILM HIM APPLYING FAKE BLOOD TO HIS LEFT HAND. You can clearly see the plastic squirt-tube here in his right hand. After Green Shirt squirts blood on his left hand, he then smears it on his butt. The woman says, “In the hand!”; Green Shirt obediently but languidly waves so we can see the gore. At 2:38 another squib is detonated: crack! At 2:48 the really horrible actress of the International Solidarity Movement listlessly recites her lines: “Tell them to stop. Tell them to stop.” No urgency whatsoever. At 2:54 another squib is detonated. You can see the smoke and hear the crack at the same time. Absolute, 100 percent indisputable evidence that a sniper isn’t firing at him. You don’t hear the firing and the impact of the bullet simultaneously, unless the muzzle of the rifle is pressed to your forehead. Notice how calm everybody is? It’s because there were no Israelis within miles of where they filmed this clown act. And you know why the International Solidarity Movement never told us the kid’s name? The reason is that the Israelis keep records of every Palestinian who dies in the wars they have with Gaza. If Green Shirt’s name were revealed, the Israelis would’ve informed us that he isn’t dead and that he’s a Hamas operative. When you lie it means you know you’re wrong. And for everybody else, don’t believe what you see and hear on the Internet. You may think something must be true, but it can still be fake.' Eliot C
  5. I am Marhammat ,I am water supply and sanitation Engineer ,i rally whish to work in your office i want to support my family dear sir really previous i work USAID water supply and sanitation Projects Marhammat
  6. that man does not exist now.He might be dead.Can someone tell me how he managed to pass this statement.To whom did he said so.the website is a propaganda toll just like bbc and cnn. babur


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