December 23, 2014
  1. ordering Afghan forces to target insurgents in Pakistan?  i thought you need to be president to make such an order!  Muhammad
  2. @Nakal  All you comments have been directed to the president whether he has any involvement or not. If you think you can solve the current situation why don't you step up and get prepared for the next general elections. Do you even realise your thoughts are totally baseless and psychic. Afghan
  3. Proud of you Afghan
  4. This is a creation of a genius. A young man created a masterpiece, by creating a solar-powered motorbike. Thank you for sharing this information. Cory Waltmathe
  5. DONT BLEAM AFGHAN PEUPLE  Ahmadzai Abdulwali
  6. Dear akbar khan, you are right, shameless circle agent has written his article about karzai..... bashir ahmad amiri

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