July 05, 2015
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  1. Iran is an ulcer for the Muslim World. ALIM QAZZAFI
  2. india&afganistan togatherness will bring stability&long lasting peace in the region.ofcourse baluchitan peace is also requirement.brutalities going in baluchistan isharmful for peace of the not only region but subcontinent.best of luck. ramesh gupta
  3. Iran is sending thousands of Afghan people living in Iran to fight for Bashar-al-Assad regime...they can't send their own civilians to do fighting so use poor Afghan people by promising them ID card and money...the Afghans are led by Iranian officers Bajoy Kamshi
  4. Gulbudin is a dog of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, who killed thousands of innocent people in Kabul and else where.  Now who is working with Israel and even paying for some of their military expenditures?  IT is Saudi Arabia, not Iran. Al
  5. This is very stupid law in Afghanistan. A death of an innocent woman should be given high priority in justice system. son
  6. The abjectly coward and incompetent ruler of Afghanistan cannot handle the pressure from his unhappy brothers, the Taliban, and asking the cooperation from the regional countries. What an idiot. He says: "Pakistan is in undeclared war with Afghanistan and anyone lighting fire in Afghanistan will burn in that fire," but he has friendly ties with the very people that lighted fire in Afghanistan such as Nawaz Sharief. While Afghanistan is burning, Pakistan is gleefully and safely watching the fire. Nakal

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