December 01, 2015
  1. I think it will be good if High Office declare their family property because all the property belongs to his family is earn or stolen by him. Habib Rahman
  2. They have stolen the entire property of Afghan nations. Look at the nation and their situation and see what are they doing? The just do everything for themselves and have no any responsibility of the nation. They want to kill the nation specially the one they do not like. Kabir
  3. الله اكبر منیرالله
  4. It is the last posation of every one who want to distroy own homeland azam
  5. Unbelievable, as usual the high officials will never tell truth to the nation and try once again to deceive them but people have already kept pace of counter strategy with lie of the high officials. It is such a drama orchestrated by Karzai government when each minister gave accountability report and presentation for few minutes to the nation. Shame on you, the high officials.    Afghan
  6. Come on A fool will believe in this report... Either the reporter was a foolish person or he/she assumed that the people are fool... Its a nice April fool news... Next time ask your reporter to find out the prices of suits he wear and ask to find out his black money or business he was not in his own name... Emal Sobat

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