October 09, 2015
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  1. Looking at Afghan terrain its true that air force will change face of battle....the troops are not able to move freely in cars as terrain is harsh and it cannot cover large distances,also there are Taliban ambush parties in between...with large number of helicopters troops can reach any battle zone in few minutes unlike cars which takes hours/days..so helicopter based operation is must....also fighter jets can strike any target in whole of Afghanistan at any time of day within minutes,the Afghan security forces have to go for surgical strike..spotters have to be placed at mountain tops,forests and areas where Taliban gather,at that very moment within 3-4 minutes airstrike has to be done at that exact place..you must never delay in airstrikes as Taliban are very mobile force,delay of just few seconds can also miss target....so lack of air power is restricting ANSF operations as Taliban have total state support of Pakistan  Bajoy Kamshi
  2. Hope Putin success in this war. and wish that one day he could help Afghanistan people against American war. Haron
  3. The Taliban is  following Hezbollah like in Lebanon 2006...this is hybrid war where guerrilla and regular army tactics are mixed...the Afghan army must also fight that way Bajoy Kamshi
  4. So far since last 70-Years India has been successful in dissecting Pakistan into two through Terrorist Training camps near East Pakistan borders. Secondly India has also successfully launched de-Islamilization of Muslim Society through Indian TV channels on the border towns of Pakistan and now through satellite TV. Thirdly India has successfully controlled the secretes of Pakistan Army by placements of its agents in it. India has also won Economic war by causing Pakistan not to generate cheap availble Hydle Energy potential through International pressure of  Cross Border Issues. Its deep rooted agents in MQM as well as through deep rooted political agents; has successfully and tactfully destroyed the Economic Corridors of Karachi. India has successfully Launched Anti-Pakistan Sologan in Balochistan through more than 17- Consulates in Afghanistan and  with the help of IRAN . Similarly India has captured Talaban Tahrik of Pakistan and using it against THE GENERAL  PUBLIC OF PAKISTAN and Army Installations. India has successfully spread Idolism (Buth Parasti) in Pakistan by showing it on its TV channels and domestic topic dramas. India has successfully defeated Pakistan Armies a number of Times and now the only option left is Use of Greater Nuclear Hit capability of Pakistan upon India. Whereas Islamist/Jihadies believe it is unIslamic to utilize Nuclear Power in killing Indian Public but should be targetted only at Indian Army and  Indian Army Support.After these nuclear wars Pakistan will takeover some 40% of India and will merge gradually with these  Hindu majority population into it and Hindu will came over rule.These Hindu Rulers will be captured during Ghazva e Hind episode of the last days Hindu Community will  of the World/Earth which is expected after 1200 Years from now. Zarin
  5. Dogfights were banned already in 1970 but of course there were fights but a little in secret. I took several photos of it. kimball
  6. @Bajoy Kamshi. Agree. The way Taliban ambush Afghan Army, Afghan special forces can also ambush them in these mountains. B2B

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