March 06, 2015
  1. This incompetent coward, Haji Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, himself is not qualified to rule Afghanistan and yet he finds the guts to says: women participation in the National Unity Government will increase based on their qualification. It takes some brass to do that. He is a Talib, the servant of ISI, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom and also ..... you guessed it right. Nakal
  2. Totally unrealistic subject. Cricket game and cricket team only belongs to Nangarhar province while rest of other Pushtoons know nothing about it. leave the other compatriot. other people are calling it Top Danda. Freshta
  3. Dar ketab froshi haie Kabul paida meshawad Humira
  4. very good job! looking forwrard to read it. Thank you Mr. Arif, I have read AFHANI and found it very good Zahra
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan should respond in exactly the same way. Pakistani diplomats of same number and rank should be arrested and detained in Jalalabad or Herat, for the same duration. Only then will the Pakistanis get the right message. No point simply protesting. Akbar Khan Mohamadzai
  6. Abdullah, though I am agree with you on some points; however, I am very doubtful of the groups 6months/1year prediction in losing ground in Iraq and Syria. That's because, as BBC's recent research shows, since the beginning of American+NATO's campaigns against ISIL, they had lost only 1% of their ground in Iraq and Syria. Therefore, they are not only becoming potential threats to Iraq & Syria, they are becoming stronger in what they call "Khorosan" province.  Deedar

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