July 26, 2014

Afghanistan deploys its first satellite into orbit by February

By Ghanizada - Wed Jan 29, 9:05 pm

Afghansat 1Officials in the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology of Afghanistan (MCIT) announced Wednesday that the first satellite of Afghanistan will be deployed into orbit within the next one month.

Amirzai Sangin, Afghanistan’s Communications & Information Technology Minister, said Afghanistan for the first time will join the nations which have launched their own satellites into the orbit.

Mr. Sangin was speaking during the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding with Eutelsat Communications, which will provide Afghanistan satellite resources that will enhance deployment of its national broadcasting and telecommunications infrastructure as well as its international connectivity.

According to Sangin, Eutelsat will deploy an in-orbit satellite from February 2014 to 48° East to deliver full national coverage and extensive reach of Central Asia and the Middle East, under the multi-year agreement.

He said the satellite will be officially called Afghansat 1 by the government of Afghanistan.

A wide range of services including broadcasting, mobile telephony backhaul and IP connectivity will be supported by the satellite (Afghansat 1), Sangin said.

He also added that an agreement was reached between the Eutelsat and the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology of Afghanistan to explore opportunities for long-term cooperation of transforming Afghanistan into an information society.

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  1. Mmmmm…that would be a American Sattelite in the name of Afghanistan. 

    1. @Jimmy

      Actually it was French built and maintained, but bought by Afghanistan. Get you facts straight.

    2. infact my friend, the project is funded by Afghan ministry of the communication.   

  2. So where is the satellite ? 
    Is it in the orbit and we just can’t see it yet? 

  3. Jimmy: You may be correct. However, that puppy won’t go into orbit until Karzai signs the BSA. Why? Because there is an investment lock down because the investment community won’t invest anymore money in Afghanistan unless they are assured USA and NATO security remains because while Afghan security forces exist, they are not yet proven. Sadly 21 soldiers being killed in their sleep shows those Afghans in command of Afghan forces are not yet worthy to lead. Furthermore there is a big difference between an 18 year old soldier and a 36 year old soldier who’s been in a military for 10 plus years. Battle proven is worth mentioning.

    Back to the article. Moon: Yes it will be in orbit and because of that, you will never be able to see it with your eyes because it will be too far away to see. And no one but someone who has been trained to monitor it and control what it does will be able to use it. That would include you as your response shows you have no idea what a satellite is for or does.

    Moon: Short answer on the satellite is it will make people’s lives better and help connect people. But that is a big maybe at this point because your President Karzai is bitter with the USA and NATO because we won’t do what he wants us to do. And in short, he wants us to make Peace with an enemy which kills the people he was elected to lead and protect. Since he is not doing that, USA and NATO are still currently tasked with this objective.

    1. It’s French, not US:
      “Under the multiyear agreement, Paris-based Eutelsat will move its Eutelsat 28B spacecraft, formerly called W3M, from its current slot at 28.5 degrees east to 48 degrees east by the end of February. From there, the satellite, rebranded as Afghansat 1, will cover the whole of Afghan’s national territory and a large slice of the Middle East and Central Asia.” spacenews.com

    2. Hey misled! we know that without signing of BSA American couldn’t do nothing, but sure that no Afghans are become understood.

  4. But I read BBC news about this and government said that satellite doesn’t work very well and it has probloms 

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