July 24, 2017
  1. Bro as you said some bad words above i am not agree with you do not mind but please its my advise to you try to attend a grammar class because you have some mistakes Thanks (said WAA) WAA
  2. I ask you Tata gak. Where did you get all this money from?? You stole half of afghanistan and now you trying to get Iran's money to decide people of afghanistan. You are listening to your Iranian Bosses. M zahim sediqi
  3. President ghani is stopping thieves like Atta noor mohaqiq, idiot rapist illiterate dostum and so on. That's why the are trying to scare everyone from their caolation. They need to know that they are alone and no body is backing them up. Afghan youth are educated now they are not stupid to stand behind these thieves, murderers,and rapists. M zahim sediqi
  4. I would like to get inform the Kankor 1395 result. if u don't have real tips about its, that tell me the fordecate time and when it will be announce. thanks so mohammad Ghani Saqib
  5. I would like to receive the kankor result said samim
  6. As an Afghan I find this very very funny :-) Hakim Afghani

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