August 28, 2015
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  1. You forget that these terrorist are the hero for American when they are fighting against your enemy Soviet. USA is the creator and first financier of these Mujaheddin which now become terrorist for US. Firstly you use them against your enemy and then you leave them after getting your objects. It was Pakistan at that tough time who did their best to re-build Afghanistan and tried to make a coalition govt in Afghanistan taking on board to all stakeholder and after several meeting they agreed with Gulbadine Hikmatyar as Prime Minister, Rabbani as President and Ahmed Shah Masoud as defense minister. There is no Taliban at that time and if they respect each other Afghanistan can move forwards. USA policy is not hypocrite towards Pakistan only, they are hypocrite for all world. They use the nations like tissue paper and leave then after getting their interests. Where is the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq on the basis of which you attack on a sovereign country, what you did with Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Iran, Libya and Syria. If there is justice in the world USA will be at the top of the list as terrorist country. A.N Ansari
  2. Now they will be forced to negotiate, keep up the good work Afghan forces. Shuaib Hussain
  4. These are the people who sold their faith and respect to India for their personal interests and making money. They are the same who invite Soviet to attack on Afghanistan in 70's with support of India. These are traitors and never understand patriotism like Mujaheddin who fight and sacrifices for their homeland first with Soviet and then with NATO. Salute to Mujaheddin. The mission given to them by RAW to speck hate creating words towards Pakistan, as high as you shouted against Pakistan, you will be given more money. A.N Ansari
  5. Utilizing proxy force as terror tool is the status quo in Pakistan by the military for achieving the internal and external objectives. Removing and killing Mrs. Bhutto by a car bomb. Shooting the kid Mala in the head, because she criticized the Taliban… It is known to the informed circles that Pakistan harbored Osama Ben Laden, Mullah Omar and the current leaders of Al Qaeda and Taliban residing in Pakistan territory. The real question is why the US foreign policy is so hypocritical toward Pakistan, regardless if the democrats or republican are on the power? For the last 1t years and more military and financial aid is provided to Pakistan and in return the Pakistani proxy groups have killed more than 2156 US soldiers in Afghanistan. Why the government is not explaining to the American people why Pakistan isn’t declared as a Terrorist State and why we don’t stop providing the American taxpayers money for Pakistani military? Can somebody explain why North Korea, Iran and Cuba are currently considered as enemies of USA, but Pakistan is treated as a friend. Have recently Iran, North Korea supported in the last 10 years any groups being responsible for American casualties? No, but as matter of fact, Pakistan has supported the Taliban during the Afghanistan war who are responsible for 2156 deaths and scores of injured Americans serviceman and many suffering with PTDS for long time to come. Taliban will be finished in two weeks without the financial, military and political support of Pakistan. Fox
  6. Saleh said pakistan is week country. Dear Saleh your speak is indian speak and for this speak India give you money. when you donot change your speak about pakistan then you will be not muslim you will be hindu. and hindu didnot friend of muslim Saleh India play game on head of Afghanistan and give you money to de steblize pakistan. But pakistan is not Afghanistan Pakistan is Atom power. Saleh you learn lesson about your past. thanks khan

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