November 28, 2015
  1. Dear Mr.President!, Afghanistan is our home, not of the terrorists and extremists. Wasn't expecting you to make such a statement. qais
  2. You are not welcome...stay where you are ...Paki kiss destroyed Afghan people's life Hekmati
  3. "Its up to us the youth of both countries to build stronger ties to counter feelings of ill will against one another" Very well said brother and thank you for the kind wishes to Afghanistan suhrob
  4. Turkey's concern Russian AirForce near Turkey-Syria border is respected by Russia. Russia always considers Turkey a friendly country. Turkey's concern about the present ruling political party of Government of Syria Syria which is supported by Russia has been observed by Russia & Russia's stance is clear. NATO of European countries stance at this time supporting Turkey's territorial integrity is much appreciated by Russia. Russia is terminating terrorism in MidEast Asia & NATO should not contradict Russia,  since terrorism activities in MidEast Asia sponsered by us terrorist group is a potential security threat to Europe, & Russia is directly favouring Europe is a fact. 26th November 2015. Mubarrak Mubarrak
  5. Afghanistan should never bend its knees before filthy Punjabi bastard murtads. It should and shall beat the shit out of those swine mother-fuckers. akbar khan mohamadzai
  6. As I Pakistani I have nothing but good things to say about Afghanistan, and wish the Afghanistan prosper. Perhaps Pakistan`s only fear of Afghanistan is that it is suspicious of India`s growing influence in afghanistan, and we all know that Indians in general are only developing a relationship with afghanistan to undermine Pakistan. On the other hand Afghans share historical, cultural, religious, social and economic ties with Pakistan. I wish peace to Afghanistan both within as well as across it borders. Unforutnately I have come across afghans who bash Pakistan unnecessarily even knowing that Pakistan has hosting millions of refugees over the past three decades despite itself being a developing state. Its upto to us the youth of both countries to build stronger ties to counter feelings of ill will against one another. All the best. Walsh

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