April 21, 2014

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  1. AWEN organization has implemented many projects in capacity building, income-generation and agriculture projects, we would like to request you kindly add our email in your list and forward those projects are designed for Afghanistan, we would appreciated you in advance. Malina Fahiz Director for AWEN
  2. The mosque will be demolished???????? JIMJFOX
  4. Well, I can't shed a tear. They were going to murder innocent people, but paid with their own lives. What could be more just? Stop murdering people you so called Muslims , join the civilized world. peterv osborne
  5. ............... and what about recent incident that occured in england..... A 12 YEAR OLD MOTHER AND A 13 YEAR OLD FATHER....HAVING A BABY CHILD..WHOM HAD RELATIONSHIP SINCE ONE YEAR......STUDIED AT PRIMARY SCHOOL LEVEL.........AND NOW THEY WERE HONOURED AS MAKING THE WORLD GENIUSE RECORD....AS ONE OF THE SMALLEST COUPLE......ARE GOING TO MERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dnt understand these mentally complexion and biasness!!!!!!!!!! At one extreme they promote it as if.............and at another extreme they curse it as if............... Rahila Ahsan
  6. afghan security recently in elections proved that they are much more better then us and nato...but they just need financial support and military training support for a decade or half then i can challenge that talib and their puppets are never even gona step inside and if they then for sure they will go to hell before their complete time  benyamin khan


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