August 18, 2017
  1. They are not ISIS, They are officially Pakistani army terrorists came to Afghanistan for destruction. They are Pakistani terrorists under a black flag. Bloody Paki terrorists. Hakim Afghani
  2. Pakistani military intelligence, inter services intelligence (ISIS). I agree that Pakistan intelligence is no less than terrorists but they stand for ISI, not ISIS :) Shame on, you bloody bastard Pakistani terrorist ISI. Hakim Afghani
  3. Awesome. I hope he dies like a dog, he is a PIG. Hakim Afghani
  4. Joke of the year by stupid uneducated taliban. Hakim Afghani
  5. Tribal government haha Kashif Khan
  6. Pakistan is a terrorist nation from the day it was inaugurated ! Every single Pakistani is a terrorist and finished from a Pakistani madrassa that's why they are all terrorists. Hakim Afghani

Science & Tech

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