May 04, 2016
  1. Welcome to Pakistan. Ahmad
  2. It is about time that US congress to cutoff all military aid to Pakistan but also to declare the military of this rouge state of Pakistan as a leading terrorist organization in the world. It is long due to do this. Most of the snakes of terrorism heads in recent years that have bitten in the world, their tails always ended in Pakistan. This nest of terrorism should be dismantled and its proxies who are nothing but thugs and terrorist and killers must be annihilated. That would be a service to humanity and civilized world. These filth of old colonialism must go to clean the world and bring fresh air for people to breathe in peace. adam
  3. How a corrupt, inept and anti national interest mafia run government in Afghanistan allow itself or has the right to make effort to remove the name of a terrorist such as gulbuddin from UN list that has been branded as a terrorist and criminal. Gulbuddin, the most anti Afghanistan criminal has been recruited and allied with Pakistani ISI since 60s when Afghanistan was enjoying peace. The mean spirited and criminal thugs in Pakistan military started their active anti Afghanistan activity and ISI used this Afghan traitor and criminal who was willing to do anything against its own country and people in exchange for money and create havoc in Afghanistan during the so called Mujahideen era in order to implement the multi-phase destructive anti Afghan plots of ISI. This criminal and his thugs such Zardad and many others were involved in assassinating and robing thousands of ordinary, educated and intellectual Afghans. This man and his thugs along with his masters, ISI thugs and criminals must be tried in international court of justice for crime against humanity. The so called Afghan government thugs has no right to lobby for this criminal to get of the hook. There is not even one gram of decency in this man when it comes to its afghan people and land. He deserves to be cut to thousands of pieces to avenge the deaths of thousands on innocent Afghans who have been killed during robberies by his thugs or by sending rockets and artillery to cities or killing Afghan patriotic people during Jihad to serve Pakistan interest. Shame to this SOB criminal and traitor adam
  4. Afghanistan will never develop until all the tribal groups united because the Government changed initial project and due to their inner resentment towards the Hazara ethnic, the eletricity tower will not be built in central Afghanistan. How can a nation improve when deep inside we still hold grudges towards one another. Once again Pashtuns have shown how racist they are, an ethnic who's been discriminating the indigenous people of Afghanistan. Hadi
  5. Afghans sucrefice for them but they (uk) decieve them(translater) firs they promise them to take them to foriegn when they complet their aims after they maked a new law for translater it is not good they must accept every one translater is case other wise every one translater must suicide on them azam
  6. agree with the previous poster.  kill some dirty rotten punjabi's while your're at it please.   sams friend

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