September 26, 2016
  1. Hoping the afghans share the details with indian & american agencies, dead sure the equipment & ammo carried by these terrorists would end up to be similar to the ones carried by the terrorist during the attack on uri military base in india. Looking for more corporation amongst relevant agencies within & outside the region. Impediment of having a rogue state named Pakistan as a neighbour. Logical Indian
  2. so after an attack on Indian Army in Kashmir this stupid ISIS vows to eliminate Durand line ! wow what a co-incidence ! Sami Shahid
  3. Please track from where this weapons came from.. every weapon has a number.. please dont stop with this report.. go and investigate further! unknown
  4. you should be shame of your self and I don't know how gives you the Dr. title ?? where were you when your friends ( the communist parties ) killed over 1.5 M. of our brothers and sisters and our children ?? Engr. Sayed Balkhi
  5. Asemayie this is khaama not NDtv which is only a Propaganda against pakistan to feed the little minds in filthy India. We cannot be your partner in destabilising any other country. Minhas
  6. War is going to break out between India and Pakistan very soon. Nothing better happend to pakistani-afghans then this forced repatriation. By sending afghans back to Afghanistan there will be no afghan war casulity in Pakistan. Desi

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