August 23, 2017
  1. Loser Porkies are mad now. Pakistanis are the biggest loser and are #1 terrorist. Hakim Afghani
  2. None of these people are honored or good. They are all stooges for other nations and have been bought and sold like cattle. Mr. Buddin and Mr. Masood are just to name two. I am so glad that one is already dead and I hope the other one dies before this day is over - along with all the rest of the warlords. Just Saying
  3. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who you are and who gives you the right to blame a honored person like Ahmad Shah Massoud. There is no one who is unaware of what you have done on the past. When you joined the peace agreement you begged from people to forget about the past. We all know that you are paid to accusing people and making division among them. Wise people don't care about idea of an idle man like you. Shame on you! Humaira
  4. نتیجه فورم مشکلات را که قبلا تحویل نموده چه طور دزیافت نمایم Mariam
  5. نتیجه فورم مشکلات را کجا دریافت کنیم Marial
  6. I need your contact number to invite you for a coordination in Independent Election Commission. Please share your contact number Dr. Shafi Jalali

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