December 12, 2017
  1. Damn Pakistani terrorists. We Afghans hate Pakistanis and will always HATE THEM. Bloody Dirty Pakistani terrorists. Hakim Afghani
  2. thank you Mr president for coming to our province.. welcome. mahmood
  3. you are bastard of retard swinefuqqd baitch Akbar Khan
  4. Hamid Karzai don't involve yourself in Israeli affairs or even make comments on Israeli affairs. Don't wait Mossad attack your beloved soil Taliban. Hyphocrite guys like should shut up. son
  5. That is what is called the "good old boys' club" Perhaps she was rejected because she was not as corrupted (and corruptible) as the rest of them. Also, she was is not a warlord and has not killed anyone in the name of Deen. Those ARE all the terms for being a minister in this country. Ebrahim Wahab
  6. Can't trust Pakistani's. They have been given one last ultimatum. The world will no longer tolerate this pariah state support for terror on the innocent people of Afghanistan. These merciless Punjabi's with illegitimate borders and an economy on the brink of collapse only understand one language. Pakis lie

Science & Tech

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