June 28, 2017
  1. It seems that Pakistan political as well as regional isolation has commenced since the inauguration of this corridor. As H.E President Ghani in the opening ceremony has made it clear that we will change any threat to opportunity. Ahmadzai
  2. whole world knows that terrorists are operating from your soil against us..why you pretending..the days are over when you used to cover up your stupid and low acts..based on your childish..immature..habits..now you have to answer serious questions..we have milions of your hunger driven,poorty stricken..people living in our land..if you have some shame and self respect,,which you do not..voluntierly stop using our land and space routes...even before..lets start from KINAN..you were kicked out..entered in Egypt ,kicked out again..entered in babylon..kicked out again..every whare same habits as today...was every body wrong?..is every body wrong?...never try to attatch yourself with us..we have no interest in you..bankrupcy on every level..you are responsible of all terrorist activities in our country..thats is fact..Islamabad..needs to make strong decisions and stop saying this stupid statement..our brothers..ummah..islami rishtay,brotherana talqat..all rubbish..rubbish..my land is first..who ever in my land has any sympathy with its enemies..shold pack up and leave..leave..go where you came from..there are so many..that land is first..that oldest flage in the history..calls ZEESHAN..the green and white..oldest land..the mighty INDUS VALLEY/MEHRGARH/GHANDARA..THE BLOUCHIA..LAND OF MALK MEER SARDAR ANRATH BLOUCH SINDHI..LAND OF MALK ZULQARNAIN BLOUCH SINDHI(mentioned in quran,surat kahf)..king zulqarnain...who ever does not respect my zeeshan and sides with my enemy..he should ....... sardar khan fonas sindhbad
  3. why pcb has to even think about it,,,Pakistan will waste its energies and valueable time...Pakistan has absolutely no need to have even diplomatic ties with them..also ..no diplomatic ties with iran too..iranis are going down soon because of their own actions...now in trouble start talking about ..islam and ummah..interfering every whare..israil,lebanon.saudi Arabia..Syria,iraq,yemen.azerbaijan,pakistan,six gulf states,caucuses,,central asia...most coward and stupid nation...their army..in 1st and 2nd world war..soldiers and officers..start commiting suicide...remaining one's went home,,leaving great mother faris on its own...commiting suicide and running away..its army has no match at all for the enemies...this is why now is really worried..at time of need always says good by..to mother fars...... ilhan shalore barkhia
  4. And now what, Allah will grant you heaven for killing civilians, innocent Afghan people? It is Ramadan and this is a muslim republic.. by what means ISIS/Taliban justify these things? I don't understand this. Please write an article about this.. who are those people doing this? They cant be all mental.. how this is justified by Quran in their opinion? Afghan
  5. That's no surprise, everyone knows this. What are the consequences of this? When the US is cutting money / foreign support/aid for Pakistan? Why does Afghan government not attack Pakistan over this, since task after talks nothing happened and especially after last attack , we should draw a red line and strike back. Put durandline expiration on the agenda and redraw the map of Afghanistan in school books and as official (even unilaterally) recognized map! Only then people wake up.. and UN will be involved? !!! Afghan
  6. God bless America :) Javed Afghan

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