September 02, 2014
  1. india should kill all talibans,pakistanis & chineese. india is having agni5, surya so great great missiles so do not target us . we(indians) will kill and destroy pakistan completely Soumya Datta
  2. Shame on wahabis. This is the real face of saudis & wahabis. They hate prophet.All Islamic world & all sunni people must unite , condemn & if necessary take fight against wahabis for this cheap & shameful act.Wahabis are not muslims. Shakeel
  3. Saudis can do anything to divide this Ummah, this will fulfill the dreams of the Yahoods who once came to stole the holy prophets body. There will be complete disagreement on this move but the Saudis have no one to stop them. Mohammad
  4. Shame to Saudi! Death to Wahabies!  Freshta
  5. Most important for ANA to win this war now is to buy unmanned drones and use them for surveillance against taliban who are hiding in mountains and jungles and crossing over from Pakistan..deploy those drones at those areas immediately and track them down before they cause havoc Bajoy
  6. To the publisher: if she were 'divorced' because of any reason..and then adopted...what would be the procedure and price? I really want to know. This situation turns my stomach. Thanks, Shawna  Shawna


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