May 24, 2017
  1. I agree with Noor, the crook Hekmatyar keeping his armed personals with the arm. He is not an honest person Hamid Kirzia was elected as president by UJ.S.A. now he talks anti-U.S.A. He is a brother of Hekmatyar. Dr. Hazrat M. Noorzad
  2. welcome to afghanistan back after long time .we are pround on our tow players Malang jan sahak
  3. It is called Diversity. It is an unmitigated good. Diversity has replaced the concept of national culture in Europe. Criticism of Diversity will soon be a crime against humanity punishable by law. Dance with joy. brane pilot
  4. Good work NDS and ANA Afghanistan. Son
  5. More power to you hope you finish your goal and give glory to your country Afghanistan. son
  6. This asshole Pakis should be stone to death by the mobs of Afghanistan. No wonder Pakistan is the most corrupt country in the world. Son

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