May 31, 2016
  1. This is exactly what Pakistan do not like to happen to Afghanistan. The return of the glory of Afghanistan's coming. sonn
  2. Yes sure Pakistan alone will start war agains Afghan taliban as they are fighting Pakistan taliban wtihout any support from Afghanistan Theres only one way left, like it or not, to create a joint force against all those talibans. We all know whats happening, sooner or later it will happen so why are waiting for more bloodshed, Afghanistan and Pakistan must create an neutral army solely against taliban and let it operate from Karachi to Herat. Im sure in less than 12months it will change the fortune for all of us. Ahmad
  3. Yes, finally world realized the actual supporter of terrorists. Pakistan has always been using his Muslim neighboring countries for its advantages and when the pressure is high, beg like a kid. I feel sorry for our Muslim  Pakistani local brothers and sister who are living under such mean nasty and cunning regime and the menace military machine. Pakistan should be out of the world's map, Muslims should rejoin Afghanistan and non-Muslims to India and the politicians plus the military heads should go back to their actual ancestors, and real fathers, I  mean British. They don't deserve existence as a government in this world where the world needs peace not nasty creatures.  Noor
  4. Sir, you are 100% right on your assessment. Pakistan is playing  China  card. Once you stop adds they will move around the world with begging  bowl. In this case china will not come forward. It only gives loan in high interest and on a latter year they will make them selves. Nckar
  5. This opinion expressed by the US senator is now widely shared by the international media and by the informed sources. There is the choice for giving up on terror and stop the proxy war with India and Afghanistan or continue with business as usual. Pakistan can learn from Iran Model for a sustainable path of co-existence or continue with the North Koran Model of confrontation for shortsighted tactical gains.  The result of current path will be be further isolation from the civilized world.  Imagine in the same day where the Taliban leader was killed in Pakistan, the other neighbors , Iran, India and Afghanistan signed a cooperation agreement for Charbahar port. In other hand Pakistan government was trying to find the right words to explain why this drug dealer / warlord / terrorist travelling freely in Pakistan with a Pakistani passport. Yarghal
  6. Are you kidding? Pakis are flying low fighter planes over its thickly populated city to hunt down and smoke out GM Muslim Terrorist. Their efforts should be commended and appreciated for protecting US justice system. Lohaar Sharif

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