May 30, 2015
  1. When Afghans were needed for Pakistani interests those people were used at when Afghans are no longer needed to fight for them the Pakistanis have started discriminating against them...Pakistanis talk a lot about being neutral and friendly to any muslim nation of middle east,but at their doorstep see how they treat a fellow muslim neighbour.....Pakistan is selfish country which is ruled by army and they will rule it till the country exists Bajoy Kamshi
  2. We have competitive and good people here in Afghanistan, bringing people from abroad means, discourage the ones who are here and negate their abilities.I hope that Ghani administration would look into this matter seriously and let the local resources be groomed and utilized rather than dragging people from abroad who have already occupied good jobs.  IM
  3. A publicity man for an intelligence job ? the answer is obvious. He is clearly meant for Psywar Ops d to mould public opinion in favor of Ghani's Pakistani masters the ISI / GHQ 'Pindi. Shame! Akbar Khan Mohamadzai
  4. Proud of you heroes, God bless you and keep you safe to kill more of these shits. Afghan-Proud
  5. First of all let me extend my pleasure and thanks for our security forces for their untiring efforts; I wish each of them long life. Secondly, these stupid and ignorant shall be executed in public to be a lesson for their savage leaders who do not believe in Islamic values and their fractious imitators. Mohammad Ismail Bahrami
  6. Kandaharian Ta Salam Sajjad

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