November 22, 2017
  2. Tourists in Pakistan is NO NO. Not even well protected Sports team visit Pakistan for the fear of abduction and killing. Rapes of women is common as the sex starved Good Taliban of Pakistan,Haqqani group, does not spare even young boys from sexual assaults. devendra singh dalal
  3. Desperate Pakis after a failed economy . Pakistan has resorted to mortgaging it's ports, Pakistan International Airlines, steel industry, Stock Exchange , City Municipal Committees , railways, power generation to the Chinese. Yet it propagates terrorism across the world. Analyse any terror attack anywhere in the world and a Pakistani hand will always be visible from behind the scene. devendra singh dalal
  4. How desperate this Pakistani terrorist is to save his Terrorist ally Afghan Taliban at any cost leaving bullshit comments. Don't worry - We Afghans/NATO/U.S will take care of your terrorist Taliban once and for all. Hakim Afghani
  5. I don't know what to call this American couple. They were caught while hiking in some remote mountain in Afghanistan. Knowing the fact the security issues in the country. The woman is pregnant how do you think this woman think? Risking everything for the sake of fun hiking. Very STUPID people. son
  6. I would like to have a daily news from yours. Thanks and Regards, Abdul Fatha Abdul Fatah

Science & Tech

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