October 23, 2017
  1. Is this President delusional ......Taliban are using American Humvees paid by American tax payers against his government . these Humvees are sold by his army to Taliban....United States should leave this thieves den today. chengez k
  2. USA must understand that pakistan is supporting Talibans Jenny
  3. Shame on you my Boss...why you dont eliminate ISI and Taliban safe heaven enjoying inside pakistan Clark
  4. One Pakistani Terrorist chicken is OUT !!! Hakim Afghani
  5. What is that "2800-year-old ancient book"? Looks like lies. In that age only Mesopotamian cuneiform and Phoenician alphabet were in use. Khesraw
  6. Funding has long been continueing thru pakistan ISI, Russia massively funding Taliban to fight NATO forces using pakistan Clark

Science & Tech

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