March 28, 2015
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  1. Use your urdu experts to watch pakistani media and their programmes to understand their strategy..they say they will use Afghan Taliban to target pakistani taliban...also pakistan is going to conduct operations inside Afghanistan to protect their interests...wake up Bajoy Kamshi
  2. We are thankful from the writer of this article for bringing up this important issue. what went wrong in Afghanistan is the system of education with hundreds of religious school and centers where Mullah are free to brain wash the student and audience with hate and misogyny. Until we don not reform our education system and supervise all religious school we will have a generation of extremist who will always over ride the civil laws and consider themselves beyond the constitution of country. Alina Nuristan
  3. Well-Done Roshan freshta
  4. because of that i hate all of the men and can not trust them. i hate hate hate them all. there is no good man. all of them died  Marzia
  5. Congrats Roshan! Thank you Team Roshan for bringing good name to our nation. This indeed is a great honor for the people of Afghanistan. Best of luck for future! Roshan Nazdik Shudan!  zmmarwat
  6. I am an American who has visited Afghanistan four times as a civilian. I am not a soldier and I do not work for the US government. I love Afghanistan and her people. I have read the stories about Farkhunda, and they break my heart.I ask blessings upon her and those who love her, as well as upon those who killed her and watched her die so horribly.  I am truly saddened by Farkhunda's death. Ken Hannaford-Ricardi

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