February 27, 2017
  1. we Need to stand on our feet again. they create alot of Problems for us. they do not want us to be prosperous. they have created Taliban. they are so called muslims( muslims by Name) farid
  2. Do not forget Afghan history. They will sell everything for money even their mother....Before it was Russia, then USA and this time it is India their God Father... tar
  3. And if it happens Afghan government will lose billions they take from india to promote terrorist activities in Pakistan. Such a deal will never be successful when Afghans are taking bribes from both India and USA to destabilize Pakistan and its development. tar
  4. I would say close down the so called embassy ( hub of ISI) in Kabul and kicked them out of our beautiful country. We have nothing in common with them. Interesting we made them Muslim, gave them identity, language, food culture but how dare do they behave this way towards their Afghan Masters. Qais Faiz
  5. A true friend of Afghanistan. Our centuries old friendship should only get stronger day by day. Jai Afg, Jai Ind. Our two great ancient countries should not even need require visa for travel. Unbreakable, unshakable brotherhood between us. Afghans love Indians. Qais Faiz
  6. These shameless, dirty scam bags have been lying since their masters (the British) have created them at the expense of Afghanistan and India. Look at his monkey looking face and even at this age he like the rest of his friends has no shame or integrity. Cut off all relationship with this fake country as they need us more than we need them. Other ways for Afghanistan to access the open seas like Iran, central Asia & China by railway now. They enriched themselves at the expense and sufferings of Afghans. Qais Faiz

Science & Tech

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