August 29, 2016
  1. More power to Pres.Ghani administration. son
  2. Great image! I am so glad that there is such a large Graduating Class. I had the honour of Documenting Afghan Women in Service on numerous trips to Afghanistan. They are Brave and Beautiful, as are the Afghan Police Women. Alison MacLean
  3. I like Khaama Press because for the reason that i want to be a member of it karim
  4. This Terrorist Fascist Apartheid Punjabi excuse for a state , should be the last to express concern over the legitimate dealings of two sovereign governments and friends who has suffered multiple massacres on its citizens by the proxies of this Pakistani Punjabi Terrorist state . They should learn to be come civilized and treat others with the same respect as they want for the Pakistani Punjabi of Lahore and Faislabad. The world is now fully aware of this Terrorist Nuclear military junta and its blackmailing of the international community. The Western governments should now turn the screws on their Punjabi ally and tell them in no uncertain terms they need to withdrwa their support for Terrorist proxies, Daesh ,Alqaida and all those who slaughter the Afghans unrelentingly. US,Russia shld arm Afghanistan with real fire power and stop with their jokes with Punjabi Raj of Pakistan. Reza Khan Yousufzai
  5. Pakistan dont care about afghan military, What it have or not. Not Pakistans business nor interest as long as Pakistans borders with Afghanistan are safe and nobody violates it. Nobody in Pakistan give a dam in capabiities of Afghan army. GG
  6. Afghans should stop spreading criminality in Pakistan and leave Pakistan . Stop sending drugs, weapon and terrorist to Pakistan. Afghanistan is safe heaven for terrorist operating inside Pakistan responsible for hundreds of attacks. Afghanistan have a strong role destabilize with its role in supporting and giving nutrition to anti state terrorist elements in Pakistan such as Baloch and Pashtoon sepratist. JJJ

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