February 09, 2016
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  1. Nice team selected for t20  world cup thsanks from th selection cmt Akbar Jabarkhail
  2. National unity government was initially viewed as a compromise to avid political turmoil after Karzai left office, but in the end it proves to be a disaster. The losers of the last Afghan election by no means worried about the democratic system and the election fraught, but this was just a tactic to avoid giving up the power. The previous election in Afghanistan was a symbolic transition between Karzai and Ghani, but the corrupt incumbent power holders remained in place. The incompetence and the lack of leadership by of the unity government is the only reason for the current situation in Afghanistan. Unfortunately the Taliban got again the upper hand despite the heroic work and sacrifices of the ANA.  Mr. Ghani and Mr. Abdullah are still  in disagreement after two years and the most important posts for the army and for the provincial governor posts are not assigned. Mr. Ghani and Mr. Abdullah there is not much time left, if this situation continues.  But maybe you don’t care, because you have already transferred your money out of Afghanistan and you are ready to run, if Taliban takes over Kabul. Everybody know that most of you placed your families in foreign courtiers and you have already purchased your villas in India and Dubai and elsewhere. Nadir
  3. US tried before also in Helmand but failed...its only Afghans who can win and no one else.....US can only give air support but battle has to be done by Afghans.....Taliban is looking superior at present with all their support from Pakistan state resources....Afghan have to study a lot the enemy and develop counters,only brave soldiers will not win,must have better planning so that troops always not be caught off guard by Taliban Bajoy Kamshi
  4. They not consider him to work for Helmand, they are appointing him to get salary. if Helmad failed to Taliban hand he will come to Kabul and get salary as Helmand Mayor. Sadeq
  5. we are very like commander ISAF), Gen. John Campbell . hameedullah
  6. He will meet enough inmates in jail who also have sexual emergencies. I hope they hang him by his neck when they are done with him. Shah Rahimi

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