October 25, 2016
  1. What else Pakistani terrorist can do in Afghanistan? just IED and suicide attacks to kill innocent Afghan people . They are failed Islamic terrorists trained and supported by Pakistani Intelligence Services . Death to Pakistani terrorists. James
  2. I'm so surprised that ISI agents are so exposed in media and internationally now they got no time but crying like babies. Punjabi moron you are exposed and Pakistan is isolated even China hates Punjabi wrong and failed policies failed in Afghanistan and India. Your false Islamic brotherhood failed you guys are nothing but bunch of moron damaging Islam and people of Pakistan. Stop terrorism as way of foreign policy. Afghanistan is changed country you will never ever be able to use terrorists groups to control Kabul again. You are dome to failure and watch how you morons are destroying your own country. Your Col,Imam and Hamid Gul's dreams are no burning in hellfire right now. James
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ndgy1sGgU A Pakistani joker Zaid Hamid: Why Pakistan Army is the Army of Khurasan & Ghazwa e Hind. Those who are normal people should listen carefully to what this guy is saying. lol James
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKESRQTklpI Here you can watch late Col.Imam who trained Afghan Mujahedeen from 1974-92. After that he trained Taliban in 1994 with instruction from ISI, Benazir Butto and former General Babar. He lies about some stuff here and there to confuse those are well read as you would expect from former Intel guy but in reality Pakistan Gov provided Taliban weapons, funds and pick up trucks according to famous Pakistani Journalist Ahmed Rashid in his book called The Taliban. James
  5. Kamran and Philip you two are same person so I will call you KP.lol I idea is not to hate Pakistan the idea is to remind people the Pakistani failed and B.S strategy of promoting terrorism against Afghanistan. According to UN report 63000 Afghan have been this year by terrorist attacks from Taliban who are supported , armed and trained in Pakistan. Change your Punjabi policy otherwise this fire you have create will soon destroy you. Instead sending suicide bombers to Afghan help Afghan people with school and roads. Kamran you got no idea what are you talking about and they do not different between Afghan Mujahedeen and terrorist Taliban. I would encourage you to watch some YouTube vids of Col,Imam and listen to him what he says. About Taliban and Afghan Mujahedeen from 1980s. Gulboidin as an expired Pakistani ISI asset living in Islamabad in the house of his daughter near Super Market. James
  6. James propaganda here. ?  don't mind him he is real $hit here. Philip

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