November 17, 2017
  1. What about the frequent shelling from Pakistan in Kunar. On daily basis rockets are shot randomly into the villages in Kunar. No one from Pakistan is ever summoned , called to answer and no action is taken. If this happens to any other country (Palestine vs. Israel ) , they would take their soliders and tanks and end this incidents by force! No other nation is allowed to fire rockets into our soil! I wish someone would nuke these bastards! Afghan
  2. The same should the Afghan Government do with foreign troops committing crimes and murder against Afghan civilians. No immunity for no one! Our law on our soil! Afghan
  3. Mr. Dostum, Why don't you go and kill some people for fun?! Ebrahim Wahab
  4. Die scum, die! Ebrahim
  5. Well, after years of brutal living, Esmail has become a comedian - he talks about "fraud"! Lawda (Esmail Khan), you bloody warlord are known for your corruption and ineffectiveness at the energy ministry, apart from killing people and turn this beautiful country into mess. Feroz Ghafarzai
  6. Death to warlords. Ebrahim Wahab

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