December 08, 2016
  1. Well done afghan taliban. Modi
  2. Please call your all refugee living in Pakistan becaz its shitty place, and dont forget to give them keys of your house. Meanwhile Pakistan can build border wall. Kakar
  3. i like to have contact with gen.james terry,about skammers sofia ilieva
  4. Pakistan is a doomed nation, an enemy of Afghanistan and Afghan people. To all those trolls who say things about Afghan refugees in Pakistan: If it were not for the money those refugees brought and generated in Pakistan, it would be bankrupted in one month. Mr. Ghani, GOOD for you to turn down this filthy money from a shitty country and the hell with it. Ebrahim
  5. Actually due to severe use of opium in afghans and too much drinking of cow’s u.r.i.n.e in i dia leads to this afghan-india-blame policy. Hanum
  6. Stop providing shelter to TPP , RAW , JAMAT UL AHRAR , LASKAR E JHAGNVI , ISIS , IMU and ETM ! SON ! sami

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