July 30, 2015
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  1. My name is Assadullah and I used to be an interpreter for British forces under so serious risk in the most dengerious PBs and CPs in Helmand province, and now what my life is in danger and in so bad condition here in Kabul. And British governments don't give damn about us. I'm not able to go anywhere for my safety, if anyone asses me please. Sincerely yours Assadullah Sahar
  2. ټول ملکونه د پاکستان څخه په تنګ دي. منیرالله
  3. الله دې ورته هدایت د نیکۍ ورکړي ترڅو سولې ته غاړه کښیږدي. منیرالله
  4. انالله واناالیه راجعون منیرالله
  5. Bacha bazi is already against the law in Afghanistan. Like so many other laws, it is just not enforced. In fact, many officials deny it occurs at all. Mary Fontaine
  6. Now random people will start dying and people will claim that they killed Taliban just to get that prize money Technology News

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