October 25, 2016
  1. See above posts and decide who is spreading hatred and guess why... than guess the Hindu version of Taliban here posting too much trash about nations. What a classic shame Jack
  2. Pakistan can not stop us from drinking cow' urine Pakistan can not stop us from drinking cow' urine Pakistan can not stop us from drinking cow' urine Pakistan can not stop us from drinking cow' urine Pakistan can not stop us from drinking cow' urine Cow mata ki jay Krishan
  3. I agree with David he is right and he speaks the truth. Pakistani Military has been training terrorism since late 70s and using them for political gains against India and Afghanistan. ISIS has base in Pakistan which started with fighters from Laskhar-e-Jangavi, Sapa-e-Sahaba and Jahish Mohammad. These groups been sending fighters to Syria and Iraq and they brought back the message of Shakh Quraishi or Babghdadi. The ISK based in Orakzai Agency in FATA started by former TTP, IMU and Punjabi Taliban who are against Pakistani government because Pakistani government under Parviz Musharaf started selling and killing AQ fighters to US for cash money. When Pakistan Army did not stop selling Al Qaeda striked back by suicide bombing and attacks inside Pakistan. Basically Pakistan got attacked by cobra they been sheltering since 9/11. Now that cobra is attacking Pakistani Military for betraying the Jihadist trained and supported by ISI since 1974. Pakistani sick ISI morons are hiding the truth but they have been badly exposed. King
  4. Shame on those who are politicising refugee problem, Pakistan deserves a big applause for providing shelter to Afghan refugee on their land in difficult times. Hindus always tried to create tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan but Pakistan have won Afghan hearts for their kindness towards us. Shame Hindu shame Hashmat
  5. India is killing Kashmiris to grab their land. CPEC in Balochistan is the real reason India is feeling heat in their A$s Khan Bhai
  6. [email protected] of James you are the real taliban.  Although Pakistan break our ÅKhand Bharat but I still respect Pakistan.  Because Pakistan is the land of our(Hindu) forefathers. Pakistan zindabad Krishan

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