August 25, 2016
  1. From Kandhar to SriLanka, every individual has the same ansector. There might be lot of products of Mughals in Pakistan, but Afghans know their history and understand whom to trust One Indian
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  3. Afghanistan have seen result of extremism and understood, prosperity comes with development of country and peace. Extremism leads to Darkness. Unfortunately Pak is not learning lesson even after lot of innocent children killed in Pak due to militancy. We Indians are proud of country and our prime minister to help our neighbors whether they are Sikh, Muslim or any religion it doesn't matter. Humanity is the top most religion for us. Simrat
  4. Dear Readers, Try to read article as it is without adding unrequired comments. India is helping/aiding Afghanistan on pure humanitarian grounds without expecting financial benefit in return except control of Taliban culprits since afghan faced terror menace for decades. With strong cooperation between these 2 countries we can wipe out pro Taliban, ISI from their soil thus paving peaceful atmosphere in both the countries. Jai Hind & Jai Modi. Anil Kumar
  5. Whooo.., sounds exciting..., Welcome to India Taliban, I am becoming blood thirsty now... :) Indeed this will be Gazawa- e- Pak + Islam.. No matter how hard Taliban tries to recruit Indian Muslims in the name of religion, Culture of India does not allow it to happen. I agree there are couple of anti national swines among them, but Gazawa-e-Hind, is lol. Indian civilization is the one which can never be defeated. We were there in 5000 BC, we are here now, and We WILL BE FOREVER. Shiva
  6. Dear Friends, its not that Indians want anybody to fight. India has always has stood for peace and against injustices. We do not want any others' land but we do not want to give out our lands at the same time. When was the last time you heard from any Indian saying we want Pakistan? or we want Bangladesh or any country for that matter? Pakistan has always instilled this fear in its citizens that India is preparing for a war to recapture Pakistan and Bangladesh on unfounded grounds. Had we wanted, There wouldnt be any B'desh. Who on earth wants to visit Pakistan leave owning it? Its a rouge country with no sense of justice and maturity. It only progresses on the path of militancy, false religious sentiments and hatred which will lead it to total self destruction. India wants sense to prevail in Pakistan and we will see entire south Asia a better place to live. Don't you teach Afganistan what they should do when your own record of doing things are questionable. Raj

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